Advances in Water in Agroscience




irrigation, sustainable agriculture, water measurement and control, crop simulation, basin management, nutrients in water, modeling


Worldwide, water is essential for maintaining an adequate agricultural production and fostering a sustainable ecosystem for humanity alongside diverse flora, fauna, and microbial life. However, the intensification of anthropogenic activities, the occurrence of climate variability, and the presence of environmental issues are still threatening the quantity and quality of fresh water. Therefore, integrated water management is critical for the sustainable development of a region. This Agrociencia Uruguay Special Issue on “Advances in Water in Agroscience” is designed to draw attention to new concepts, approaches, methodologies, and novel applications aiming to improve sustainable and integrated water resource management. This Special Issue contains fifteen publications sorted into the following macro fields: irrigation and water management, integrated catchment management, and water quality and environmental sustainability.


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Severino V, Dogliotti S, Echeverría G, Frins E, González-Tálice J, Settings J, Yuri A, Arias-Sibillotte M. Sunburn damages and stem and fruit water potential of apples (Malus domestica) “Brasil Gala”, “Cripps Pink” and “Granny Smith”. Agrocienc Urug. 2023;27(NE1):e1213. Doi: 10.31285/AGRO.27.1213.

Vervoort RW, Nervi E, Baethgen W. Integrated catchment models for policy development and decision making. Agrocienc Urug. 2023;27(NE1):e1194. Doi: 10.31285/AGRO.27.1194.




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