Anti-plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is considered as the use of words, figures or ideas of third parties without marking their attribution. All used sources must be cited and referenced according to the standard established by Agrociencia Uruguay

The manuscripts, without exception, will be evaluated through the plagiarism detection software Compilatio, to detect coincidences and similarities between the texts submitted for evaluation and those previously published in other sources.

If plagiarism is detected, the editors-in-chief will discuss each case, advised by the editorial board and, if necessary, by people outside the team to assess the severity of the situation.

The sanction may imply the following for the authors involved, not being exclusive:

  1. Rejection of the manuscript and/or others in the process of revision of the author or authors
  2. Refusal to submit publications for up to 5 years
  3. Disengagement or inability to relate with the journal in the role of editor and/or reviewer