Guidelines for editors for special issues

Agrociencia Uruguay offers the possibility of publishing special issues, which can relate to a specific topic or contributions to events (congress, symposiums, etc.). The articles included in these issues may be published in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

The editorial committee for special issues should be determined by the interested party and they should carry out the articles' review process (peer review, subject to a double-blind process), ensuring that the requirements for quality and transparency of the information set in Agrociencia Uruguay are fulfilled.

Agrociencia Uruguay is committed to publishing the special issue in no longer that 2 months after receiving the last manuscript accepted by the editorial committee for complying with the regulations of the journal. In order to ensure the rapid publication, in the case of special issues aimed at events, we request to send the manuscripts within a period of no more than 3 months after such event.

Every special issue shall be structed as follows: an editorial regarding the topic of the issue, between 12 and 15 contributions and, as an option, one or two review articles.

The contributions and reviews shall be sent in accordance with the format set out by the journal for special issues. You can download the format here:  «template»

Those interested are requested to send a note to including the following information:

  • Information about the special issue you may consider relevant (title, logo, date and location of the event, etc.).
  • Indicate the structure of the organizing committee and the scientific committee (members).
  • Indicate the structure of the special edition editorial committee (members).