Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Agrociencia Uruguay acknowledges the increase in the use of AI and AI-assisted tools in research. However, this policy focuses solely on the use of AI in the preparation of articles.

The journal does not recognize AI or AI-assisted technologies as authorship. Thus, they cannot appear as authors, co-authors, or citations in articles published in Agrociencia Uruguay. Authors, whether individuals or institutions, are ultimately responsible parties for the content of their works.

The use of these tools for assistance in writing and improving the readability of papers is allowed, as well as for enhancing the quality of images and tables to be published. The incorporation of AI-generated images is not allowed, as it may lead to legal and ethical issues. All use of AI must be verified and controlled by a human.

The use of AI and assisted technologies must be explicitly stated in a note titled “Use of Artificial Intelligence” and the ways in which they were carried out must be documented.

Upon detecting non-compliance with this policy, authors will be asked to make the necessary modifications. If the violation persists, the manuscript will be rejected.