Evaluation of technical production in agricultural sciences

a new certification scheme in Uruguay

Keywords: agricultural research, evaluation, certification


The evaluation of technological production in agricultural sciences presents specific challenges. Unlike scientific publications, for which there are standardized evaluation criteria, technological developments require a more multidimensional and situated approach. This article analyzes a technology certification scheme developed by the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA by its Spanish acronym) in Uruguay. The process aims to validate the developments based on the perspective of potential users. Based on a literature review and interviews with participants, we reviewed the process design and the first implementation round in 2019. Given the study results, we reported on the innovative nature of the process, both at national and regional levels. At the same time, we highlight the importance of incorporating a variety of stakeholders and prioritizing feedback and learning over bureaucratic control. Finally, we recommend linking this process with analogous instances that may exist in other institutions within the local science system.


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