Dynamics in Uruguay´ s Agriculture

The Vision of the Actors

  • Miguel Vassallo Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República. Garzón 780, 12900 Montevideo, Uruguay.
Keywords: agricultural economics, Uruguay agro interpretation, agrarian dynamics, actors


This article aims to confirm the importance of four hypotheses for interpreting the changes occurred between 2000-2010, studied in the first part of the investigation. In this research, we reviewed what happened in the most significant categories: livestock, dairy, agriculture, rice, forestry, citrus, in the context of overall economic performance and the price of land, based on statistical information and bibliography. The assumptions are: i) the international market, ii) the dynamics of the regional agricultural economy, iii) the sector investments and technical change, iv) institutional stability and economic policies. The overall objective of this second part of the work is to confront the four hypotheses guiding the work, with the opinion of agro industry experts, as well as expanding and incorporating new interpretation hypothesis. Methodologically, the work was based on a survey of the views of 56 relevant actors, participants from the six agro industrial chains and insert in them,with a deep knowledge of them and/or sector overviews, targeted interviews, individuals with a pre designed pattern. The survey (non-statistical) reflects the conclusions that conducted the research group in the first half of the study. Thus, the hypotheses are supported by the views of stakeholders, and the sources applied to the first part. Accordingly, it can be argued that these four hypotheses explain the economic behavior sector. Also, there are no relevant new hypotheses having an important confluence of opinions.


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